Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum Development Process

The development of an effective curriculum guide is a multi-step, ongoing and cyclical process. The process progresses from evaluating the existing program, to designing an improved program, to implementing a new program and back to evaluating the revised program.

Waterford Public School's carries out this process in a planned and systematic manner that includes the eleven components listed below. 

Components of an Effective Curriculum Development Process

A. Planning:
1. Convening a Curriculum Development Committee
2. Identifying Key Issues and Trends in the Specific Content Area
3. Assessing Needs and Issues

B. Articulating and Developing:
4. Articulating a K-12 Program Philosophy
5. Defining K-12 Program, Grade-Level and Course Goals
6. Developing and Sequencing of Grade-Level and Course Objectives
7. Identifying Resource Materials to Assist with Program Implementation
8. Developing and/or Identifying Assessment Items and Instruments to Measure Student Progress

C. Implementing:
9. Putting the New Program into Practice

D. Evaluating:
10. Updating the Program
11. Determining the Success of the Program

The common process and format affords teachers, leaders, and families with a clear understanding of how curriculum will be developed, reviewed, and approved in the district. Curricula reflects the District vision for teaching and learning to ensure all students are college and career ready upon graduation from high school. Each curriculum outlines the expectations for what students will know and do throughout the course.  Significant tasks provide guidance on the delivery of the key learning experiences to help teachers in the development of critical unit lessons. Every curriculum also includes key topics, essential questions, and instructional timelines to serve as a quick reference for both administrators and families at any point during the school year. Some curricula may include components such as, programs, texts, textbooks, technology, and consumables that support teaching and learning. It is the obligation of every teacher to implement the curriculum upon board approval.

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